Healing As Expression

My practice is for the creative, expressive, and joy-filled at heart and you’ve been that quiet fire one who has not been expressing yourself.

Most of my previous clients have been women with great potential and success in their lives as healers, helpers, teachers, creative artists, counselors, and therapists.

It is a meet you where you are practice and design a road-map and coaching itinerary that is personalized towards your goals.

I am human just like you. I go through things, ebbs and flows of life just like you. I’ve learned how to navigate life experiences for myself and want to share and support you to do the same.

I give what I get and give what you need which is not always what you think you want to hear. Coaching sessions are interactive and personally customized.

I use the tools of tarot, reiki, pendulums, and any other practice as just that, a tool. My primary tool of choice is the Voyager Tarot Counseling system created by Dr. James Wanless. I have used the cards as meditation, inspiration, and activating tools for my personal and professional growth. I also combine tools from other oracles that compliment Voyager. Sometimes, the tool may not be necessary and the discussion and intuition are very present, so I go with the flow that is presented for session. The tool is not the end all and is a pathway to engage the intuitive senses and to learn to trust. The tools are part of the journey and not the destination. It is ultimately up to you to take action on all recommendations and goals discussed during sessions.


If you haven’t noticed, I’m African American, black, woman. It is important for you to know this and for me to affirm it as it informs my lens of life. I believe in the importance of being specific and intentional that places African American women and culture in prominence but not in exclusivity to my service. It is a lens that I know serves all when I am intentional about being inclusive and advocating for myself and those I serve.

Nature is a guide and metaphor for navigating my life. I observe the natural world as inspiration for seasons of life, changes, transformation and growth. It has been my refuge during times of great transformation in my life and has served well to remind me and those I serve of our brilliance and resilience.

My work is creatively and intuitively guided while informed by my professional training and education. I trust my inner knowing, seeing, and feeling that is in alignment with the Highest Presence of Love and Beauty of You! It is a trust I have developed through my own mentorship and initiations. It is healing as expression-learning to use your voice, empowering your creative will, developing clarity, and building confidence in your innate gifts and their continued cultivation.


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