Healing As Expression

I coach with a desire to truly see people heal, living and giving from their gifts, for joy, and for creative freedom. I desire for women to own their lives, speak up for themselves, and to make a powerful impact in their own way in their community and ultimately the world. With this intention, I offer coaching sessions pouring my own wisdom, inspiration, and lived experiences into my work. 

My Coaching Philosophy

My work is creatively and intuitively guided. Meaning, I trust my inner knowing, seeing, and feeling that is in time with the Highest Presence of Love and Beauty. It is a trust I have developed through my own mentorship and initiations, into the experience of life. It is infused and inclusive of energy practices, meditations, creative visualizations, personalized affirmations, completed in a one-on-one or group coaching experience. It is healing as expression-learning to use your voice, empowering your creative will, developing clarity, and building confidence in your innate gifts and their continued cultivation.


Life Coaching is a partnership between you and me as your coach where you are at the center of the relationship. It is based on an understanding that I am here to empower and inspire you to take action in your life. Clients come to a coaching session with particular concerns. Some of which include the following:

  • Lack of passion towards life; feeling hopeless about your dreams and goals

  • Having no defined goals or objectives for life, feeling your life has no purpose

  • Creating a balance of life; self-care

  • Transitioning through life challenges (work-related, personal, death, illness)

  • Holistic life practices that attend to the mind, body, and spirit.


Life Coaching helps you get clear on your goals and aspirations and how to put feet to the ground and move on what you want to bring your goals to life. I practice a creative and intuitive life navigation using a combination of energy healing, Voyager Tarot, and real talk and action steps you can take today.


Counseling vs. Coaching

Counseling focuses on addressing problems and circumstances that have caused significant emotional and mental impairment in an individual. Problems addressed may include past physical or sexual abuse, mood dysregulation, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, substance and behavioral addictions. Counseling is motivated by pain reduction and improving impairment and emotional stability by way of therapeutic inquiry (questioning, disputing “irrational thoughts”, stress reduction techniques). 


Coaching focuses on the present and is growth oriented. A coaching session is motivated by one’s passion and objectives for moving forward in their lives by using more direct approach strategies (i.e. goal setting). Coaching does not require making a diagnosis, but works with self-paying, cognitively healthy individuals who are motivated to take responsibility for themselves. Progress in coaching is driven by the client’s motivation and desire to enhance their life.



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