I became the medicine for my own wounds.


I became the one I was looking for.

Around 2004, I was bored, dissatisfied with my career/life and discovering more about who I wanted to be in the world. I was working in higher education recruitment and admissions and exposed to the pursuit of excellence through education. As this was always a sticking point in my family, my exposure to graduate school students as a recruiter and higher education advisor inspired me. It energized me to reflect on my life and to challenge my thoughts and actions towards living a life more in alignment with my creative, free spirit.

I was looking for meaning and life purpose in my own pursuit of graduation education, my jobs, through religion, and in doing what was considered "right" culturally and by my family. The more I dived into my studies in graduate school, in church, the more questions I had and the more I started acknowledging different expressions of my personality that I was hiding. I've always had a spirit of non-conformity, that difference is good, and creativity is freedom. BUT...does creativity and free spirit pay the bills? Does it make your family proud? Will my friends be proud of me? All questions stemming from my own fears of what it would be like to be expressively ME in the world.

Realizing fear of the unknown, of the uncertain, and unprescribed path kept me conformed to a life of monotony and small thinking. I played it safe, but I wasn't "safe", I didn't feel safe in myself and in my ability to provide for me and to be happy. So in 2009, I gave myself permission to explore expression as healing. I went on a spiritual journey from religion to spiritual practice. I set myself free to live in this uncertain space and learned to trust the energy and intuitive intelligence of my mind and body. Using my voice and speaking up for myself. Learning from the school of life which presented with the deaths of my dad and sister and proceeded me with the death of my mother in 2011. Learning how to transmute my emotional pain into a trajectory of possibilities.

My desire to dance and create, sing, and write became my healing tools. I practiced affirmative prayer and took up studies of energy healing through Reiki and intuitive tarot as ways of creating, visualizing, and meditating on a brighter outlook on my life. The Universe has its hand all over my journey and has me in this place of healing and sharing my healing with others for a grand purpose: to release the chains that bind others from expressing who they are, being who they are, and living and giving from their gifts.

Professional Highlights:
- Voyager Tarot Counselor and Consultant, using tarot as archetypal insight and creative intuitive insight on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual awareness and to make and take action in the direction of your heart's desire. Experience with Kabbalistic mysticism and metaphysical approaches to biblical teachings

- 10 years of experience with spiritual growth expanded awareness, meditation practices, clarity, and joy

- Over 10 years of academic and professional experience in higher education admissions and recruitment, academic advising at the graduate and undergraduate levels

- Clinical Mental Health Counselor with experience working with individuals, families, groups. Used creative movement and story sharing for healing and transformation. 

- Research, music and dance performance with master teachers and culture bearers of artistic practices from West Africa, Brazil, Cuba, and Haiti.