"I became the medicine for my own wounds.

I became the one I was looking for." - Regina M. Sewell

I was the closeted artist, truth seeker, and healer for years...and I didn’t even know it.

Since age 15, I remember writing songs to express my feelings and wanting to be an artist/singer/songwriter. It was my way of emotionally expressing my thoughts and feelings when words were not enough. Introverted and shy, I lacked confidence in my abilities to be a creative. I thought it meant majoring in music or arts, learning how to read music, and having a great singing voice to become a certified artist. That’s the way school taught us, right? Pay your dues, get your credentials and no one can say s#$@! about you, right?

The Lovers (VI) from the Voyager Tarot deck, created by James Wanless with Ken Knutson. My Life Card.

The Lovers (VI) from the Voyager Tarot deck, created by James Wanless with Ken Knutson. My Life Card.

Yeah, so wrong. My parents encouraged education and saw it as the great liberator and equalizer. I am thankful to them for their persistence and regret nothing they encouraged me to do. I found the educational path to be rewarding while in school, but in the world, the credentials didn’t matter. Yes, it got me in the door, got me the job. Yay! But I wasn’t happy, nor did it keep criticism at bay. I equated the education and job with happiness, finally getting a piece of the pie. As the synergistic artist that I was/am, it wasn’t enough for me. Something was still missing. I was thankful and depressed. I was successful and miserable. I valued my freedom and creativity as portals to my joy that were doors unanswered in traditional professional environments.

At the height of my success and misery, some very important people in my life died…my father, my sister, then my mother. This family on whose shoulders I stood and lived for were gone leaving me and my oldest sister, and nieces and nephews and extended family to figure out how to keep going. Betwixt and between these years, I was bored, still depressed, and dissatisfied with my career/life and discovering more about who I wanted to be in the world. I was working in higher education recruitment and admissions and exposed to the pursuit of excellence through education. It energized me to reflect on my life and to challenge my thoughts and actions towards living a life more in alignment with my creative, free spirit.

I started acknowledging different expressions of my personality that I was hiding such as my desire to live freely, to travel, to go on my own life’s adventure, to make mistakes, fall on my face and get back up again and live to tell about it. And, I desired to acknowledge my way in the world as an artist, with a multi-dimensional lens, with her feet firmly planted in the physical world while showing up and being present to the call of Energies/Ancestral ways of knowing that I grew up with. I've always had a spirit of non-conformity, that difference is good, and creativity is freedom. But, I played it safe out of fear and lack of confidence in my ability to thrive on my own and being worried about what other people might think. Around about 2009/2010, I gave myself permission to seek meaning and purpose for my life’s experiences through non-traditional spiritual practices. The very things that society told me to stay away from and to be “very afraid” of, I ran to.

I went on a creative and spiritual journey. I set myself free to live in this uncertain space and learned to trust the energy and intuitive intelligence of my mind and body. Using my voice and speaking up for myself. Learning how to transmute my emotional pain into a trajectory of beautiful possibilities.

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Professional Highlights:

*Certified Professional Life Coach from the Life Coach Institute of Orange County. Trained and certified Voyager Tarot Counselor by Dr. James Wanless.

*Ten years of experience in transformational and spiritual growth practices and mentorship with master spiritual teachers and healers; experienced in mindfulness meditation practices, clarity counseling and coaching, and joy filled healing arts.

*Over 10 years of academic and professional experience in higher education admissions and recruitment, academic advising at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

*Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with experience working with individuals, families, and groups. Use arts based and strengths based practices, creative movement and story sharing for healing and transformation. 

*Master of Arts in Ethnomusicology. Educator and Instructor, performed music and dance traditions with master teachers and culture bearers of artistic practices from West Africa, Brazil, Cuba, and Haiti.