Ethics and Integrity

Everything is energy. Talk therapy, dance, coaching, healing, tarot...it's all energy. It is energy that each of us possess and can learn to trust and use. 


I use tarot as an archetypal guide and intentional tool for living. I am a fortune creator, not fortune teller. My work primarily uses Voyager Tarot created by Dr. James Wanless. It is a multi-dimensional, multi-cultural tarot system created with intention that allows you to re-member who you are and to "be it, see it, feel it, do it" as James Wanless says. No apologies! No holds barred. All of You in the world just as you are. This system is in alignment with my intention to co-create joy, love, beauty, freedom, and abundance in my life and in the lives of others. I trust my intuition and give what I receive during sessions. 


So, you are a woman of high vibration and resonance who knows she is here for a big reason. You are on a spiritual path that has led you to explore and stay curious about your life. You are hiding your light and conforming to what you thought was right which is not serving you any longer. That quiet fire in you is ready to burn up old thoughts and limiting beliefs so you can live and give from your gifts.