Let the Creators Live…

No matter the age or background

For it is in the freedom of the creative where healing and wholeness resides.

If you allow creation to breathe, speak, express their truths from their souls, you might learn something new and learn to cultivate and give more love in return.

In expression is atonement, refinement, self-mastery through time and attention.

More than anything, we just want you to hear us.

Caretakers, encourage expression and nurture the discipline that builds creativity with compassion, concern for community, and personal responsibility. It's Both/And, not either/or.

Love and support the Creators with attention, empathy, and interest. Remember, you were once in this creative space of life, fledgling and finding your way. Trust the Creators' expression that you've help cultivate will return to center.

Family, friends, co-journeyers

Let Creators Live!

Allow us to fall, to fail, to resurrect and begin again.

And to be loved by you through it all.

The more you pay attention, you will see yourSelf as Creator in our reflection.

You will say "it's'wonderful, marvelous, a glorious thing, we've done". To create, co-create again and again, and again.

Let Creators Live

Let Creators Live

Let Creators...Live!!!

Regina M. Sewell, M.A. (copyright July 2019)

Encourage Yourself and Let Go...

I was reminded today from the Spirit Messages Oracle by John Holland, to "Let Go".  And as simple as it is to say let go, it sure has been challenging and oftentimes difficult for me to do. My personality is such that I care about people. I care about them understanding me and me them. I want individuals to feel safe with me.  In the process, my over indulgence in making sure they're safe ensures that I place myself in harm's way every time. That I give more to protecting, nurturing, and securing others' emotions and feelings while distancing myself from my own. It's pretty common for people like me, some people would identify as INFJ, some people as fearful types and self conscious. The thought of me placing a tarot card or an oracle card anywhere on my social media or even talking about it with friends and family used to give me the chills. It was like Stevie Wonder said in his song, "skeletons in your closet, itching to come outside." I understand it now as a mode of expression, of creativity, as a way to access that inner part of me that has always been empathic, sensitive, knowing and trusting.

My silence was about not having to field questions from people about it nor respond to ignorant comments. Because, let's be clear, I can go to 100 real quick and shut the whole relationship down just to release the necessity to interact with those who disagree. And I respect people who disagree, it's gotten to a place now in me if I don't feel as safe emotionally as you feel to say things without a constructive response, then I can't be myself in the relationship anyway. It may be okay then to release and let go and let that relationship be where it's gonna be. Which may be nowhere. Ah, but therein lies the rub...

That's the challenge, the hard part. Releasing old habits and limiting beliefs and inhibitions we have about ourselves may come with letting go of old and outdated behavioral patterns and thoughts purely for survival's sake. Friendships, lovers, and family may be in that group too.  Becoming okay with the releasing and letting go process takes some time and a lot of inner work on yourself, facing your own demons, how you've shown up in relationships, and the expectations you have of others. The releasing and letting go is not so much about dismissing people or dismissing circumstances or avoiding and ignoring what's going on in the world. It's an act of love. I would venture to say, not just self-love. It is you showing up loving you and this situation or person enough to allow it and you to co-exist, releasing judgment and attachment to expectations and outcome.

I can still love and appreciate a situation that I went through without interacting with it on a daily basis, or re-experiencing the situation through pictures, social media, and the like. I can still express love and appreciation to and for someone I feel may have hurt me even if they didn't intend to and release them to be fully themselves apart from me. That my love is not contingent upon my being present. The work for ourselves comes in trusting ourselves and our decisions to know that we're okay, we're not wrong, no-thing is wrong with us, that we are not alone or abandoned and that we haven't messed up our lives. It's complex and simple. Our perspective and approach to it will determine the outcome. But the importance of releasing the outcome and the expectation lends itself to us creating more forward motion and inspired action to feel better, to balance out the releasing and letting go with an embrace of encouraging possibilities.

There's a lot going on in our world right now and it's demanding our attention, all of it all at the same time. Just scroll up and down your social media feed for a couple of minutes. It's there.  If you have been feeling frustrated discouraged, have multiple situations and occurrences happening, it may be time to take a break. Give it to yourself. May be time to take a break and love, support, and encourage yourself.

Stay tuned to my page and follow me on social media, I have an upcoming offering that will provide you the love, support, and encouragement for times like these.

Peace for the Journey!  Regina


A Closed Mouth Does Not Get Fed - The "shame" of asking for help

[Please watch the two minute excerpt above from Oprah's Lifeclass with Dr. Brene Brown.]

Food for thought on this one. I have struggled with this prior to going for my dreams. That I'm supposed to be able to create my life on my own, not depend on anyone or anything, and not ask for help. Those are the signs of being a mature adult, right? I think it is cultural, familial, and societal input that builds into this belief that asking for help is some how shameful or weak. It has often given others license to condemn and negatively judge one's character. It is a selective amnesia that happens from those who negatively judge because they have forgotten that no one gets through this life on their own and without help. It doesn't matter if you didn't receive monetary help. If you asked for prayers, recommendations, babysit, a ride home, advice...and you got it, then you have received help. And I agree with Brene Brown's statement, we attach some sense of worthiness from not asking for help, we judge ourselves placing our own moral superiority at the expense of others seeming despair or to protect our pride in not appearing to be weak. (And I am saying we because I am definitely guilty of this as well).

For counselor's, therapists, clinical social workers, healers, we know we give so much and don't ask for our own support. We burn ourselves out and our network of supportive friends and family had no idea how exhausted we were.

My work as a counselor and healing artist have helped me cultivate a new way of being. Where asking for help from anyone does not diminish my positive self-worth. Where being confident does not mean I go it alone on the basis of strong mental prowess. That seeking mentorship and or therapy is not a taboo or shameful topic. It is everyday conversation that makes you human, and alive. And in some cases, saves your life.

Ask, and it is given. No shame here.

Confidently Creative and Creatively Confident -Embracing our Genius In The Marketplace

Confidently Creative and Creatively Confident -Embracing our Genius In The Marketplace

Our work here is to re-learn what we un-learned while growing up. We were uninhibited and unfiltered and unconditioned to distrust our thoughts and feelings. And this put us in fear, experiences of lack and being without if we moved forward with expressing ourselves fully, feeling ostracized and shut down. We are re-learning and re-membering who we are and nature is a wonderful re-minder of just that.

"I've got this...I think..." - Imposter Syndrome and Women of Color

"I've got this...I think..." - Imposter Syndrome and Women of Color

To show my face, tell my story, share how the work shows up in me, and to trust that someone needs it the way I bring it. To acknowledge that my presence is power has taken a lot of inner work in those same mainstream white spaces where the politics are no different than the politics on social media.

Ways we might be allowing negative influence to creep in...that you may not have considered

Ways we might be allowing negative influence to creep in...that you may not have considered

Acceptance on all fronts is important. It doesn't mean you have to be what someone dictates or a circumstance or situation tells you. It means accepting it for what it is and moving on. You have to be the gauge of how much time and energy you want to give to it and how much it's worth to you.