Your Presence is Power!

You may have believed or been taught to follow a certain path to build your character and strength. In the process, you’ve become a carbon copy of something that you don’t even recognize as you any more. It’s like you dimmed your own light to allow others to shine, for their dreams and goals to be lived through you. And you feel and you know there is more to you, more power in you than than you’ve allowed to live.

What would happen if you expressed your Power? Creating freedom and healing through practices that affirm your power, develop trust in your intuition and uplevel your life to full on living.

I desire for every woman who’s ever hidden her light, to shine! To feel inspired, to use your talents and gifts to uplevel your life, and to know that your expression in the world matters…just the way you bring it.

I help the helpers, the closeted artists, healers, counselors, therapists, creative intuitives that connect and serve others more than they have been giving to themselves, desire more confidence in communication and more clarity of the direction of their practice.

It is a navigational healing and coaching practice for the spiritually evolving women of presence and power who want to release old habits and beliefs to heal and to LivFree. In this freedom comes power in Being and being more of the spiritual artist and creative you were called and came here to be. It is a healing practice of returning to love and aliveness.

I help you learn to trust your intuition and build upon your personal and professional experience. Women who have worked with me have transformed their experiences of pain into possibilities, have learned the art of turning obstacles into opportunities, and have a spiritual resolve that they MATTER in this world and they are no longer afraid to let the world know it.