You want to live and give from your gifts and you know you can, just figuring out the what, the how, the why of your practice has held you back. Fear and lack of confidence has had its grip on you for a long time that you've been afraid to step out. Your work is indefinable in one box or form and you're growing to be okay with that. So how do you harness and focus your energy and talents to work for you? Clarity and confidence are the key here to your work, and in that I am here to serve and to help you on your path. I help creative and spiritually exploring women develop confidence and clarity in their work as a healing artist, as a spiritually evolving visionary and creative who desires their lives to impact the world. With the increase of clarity and confidence comes an increase in alignment with meaningful and purposeful living, an abundance of joy and energy, and giving from your natural gifts. I help you learn to trust your intuition and build upon your personal and professional experience. My clients have transformed their experiences of pain into possibilities, have learned the art of turning obstacles into opportunities, and have a spiritual resolve that they matter in this world and they're no longer afraid to let the world know it. Healing takes place on mental, emotional, and physical levels. My practice is inclusive of performative creativity (music, visual, performance), and intuitive and energetic healing practices that cultivate energy and healing throughout the mind and body.