Creativity, Joy, Freedom, Healing, Growth, Transformation

I'm a a multi-passionate visionary, healing artist, counselor, and shamaness of joy. 

My own life has been a path of creative navigation, turning pain into possibilities, healing, and allowing my life to help and assist others on their journey. I feel drawn to being strong in the midst of seeming despair and holding the light for others. To be a container of peace and healing for those who need it.

Some areas of focus in coaching include:

Fear and lack of confidence has had its grip on you for a long time that you have been afraid to step out.

There's a greater will and desire in you that calls you to step up and show your face.

You’ve lacked clarity in direction and what to do next in pursuit of your goals.

You're a creative artist, therapist, counselor, healing facilitator who wants to get to the root of healing for yourself and others you serve.

You have the traditional credentials of formal education though your life experiences have been your greatest teachers. You’re ready to advance and uplevel what you do with all that you know.

I will help you become the healthiest version of you.