Creativity, Joy, Freedom, Healing, Growth, Transformation.

I'm a a multi-passionate visionary, healing artist, counselor, and educator, and my life continues to evolve and grow my skills. 

My life is a path of healing, helping and assisting others on their journey. I feel drawn to being strong in the midst of despair. To be a container of peace and healing for those who need it.

If I'm honest, my past caused me to have a hard time fully stepping into my emotions and being vulnerable. Being real with myself and others about what I really want out of life and the me I want the world to see. I think that is actually what everyone really desires in life. What if I said I could help you achieve that?


I can help you become the healthiest version of you.



I said YES to me right around age 31. I said YES to the things I wanted in life that my own thoughts and experiences found me believing I couldn't do. I said YES to risks as well. Everything isn't perfect. I'm not here to say it will always be. But the small YESes will amount to a life of YES. 


My passion is to help facilitate life transformation for others through life coaching and using my experience and abilities as a healing practitioner. Through this, I assist others on their journey to transform pain into possibilities and positivity.