Your Presence is Power!

What would happen if you expressed your Power? Affirming your power, your inspiring way of navigating life, and creating the life you desire by design through the power of your presence?

What happens if you live and give from your gifts?

I help creative and spiritually evolving women of presence and power, purge and release old habits and beliefs so they can live free. In this freedom comes power in Being and being more of the spiritual artist and creative you were called and came here to be. It is a healing practice of returning to love and aliveness.

I help you learn to trust your intuition and build upon your personal and professional experience. Women who have worked with me have transformed their experiences of pain into possibilities, have learned the art of turning obstacles into opportunities, and have a spiritual resolve that they MATTER in this world and they are no longer afraid to let the world know it.

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Creativity, Joy, Freedom, Healing, Growth, Transformation

I'm a a multi-passionate visionary, healing artist, counselor, and shamaness of joy. 

My own life has been a path of creative navigation, turning pain into possibilities, healing, and allowing my life to help and assist others on their journey. I feel drawn to being strong in the midst of seeming despair and holding the light for others. To be a container of peace and healing for those who need it.

Some areas of focus in coaching include:

Fear and lack of confidence has had its grip on you for a long time that you have been afraid to step out.

There's a greater will and desire in you that calls you to step up and show your face.

You’ve lacked clarity in direction and what to do next in pursuit of your goals.

You're a creative artist, therapist, counselor, healing facilitator who wants to get to the root of healing for yourself and others you serve.

You have the traditional credentials of formal education though your life experiences have been your greatest teachers.

I will help you become the healthiest version of you.




Coaching Sessions

To insure a good fit for coaching, I offer your first coaching session as complimentary. It is an opportunity for you to get a feel for me as a coach and for me to hear you and know where the work needs most clarity and expression.  

Transformation happens over time and through practice.

WeeKly Coaching Sessions


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