Your Presence is Power!

You may have believed or been taught to follow a prescribed or traditional path of achievement thought to develop your character and strength. In the process, you’ve become a carbon copy of something that you don’t even recognize as you any more. You know there is more to you, more power and presence in you than than you’ve allowed to let live.

Welcome! I’m Regina and I coach women to live and give from their gifts, for healing, expression, clarity, and confidence. Sounds simple, but it is these basic elements that affect your financial, business, and relationship success in the world. I help you learn to trust your intuition and build upon your personal and professional experience.

Women who have worked with me have transformed their experiences of pain into possibilities, have learned the art of turning obstacles into opportunities, and have a spiritual resolve that they MATTER in this world and they are no longer afraid to let the world know it.

Creativity, Joy, Freedom, Healing, Growth, Transformation

I coach with a desire to truly see women healed and whole, living and giving from their gifts, for joy, and for creative and spiritual freedom. I desire for women to own their lives, speak up for themselves, and to make a powerful impact in their own way in their community and ultimately the world. With this intention, I offer coaching sessions pouring my own wisdom, inspiration, and lived experiences into my work. 

It is a practice of self-love and firm guidance that utilizes nature, intuition, and life experience as teacher.

I am a clinically trained mental health counselor, advisor and healing artist with training and mentorship from master metaphysical teachers in the intuitive and spiritual arts including: Reiki (Reiki Master) and Voyager Tarot (Certified Voyager Counselor). My own life has been a path of creative life navigation, turning pain into possibilities, spiritual transitions, and healing that has resulted in me sharing my experiences for the benefit of others.

Some areas of focus in coaching include:

Fear and lack of confidence has had its grip on you for a long time that you have been afraid to step out.

Spiritually transitioning from religion to more expansive and metaphysical based practices for healing and connection.

Lacking clarity in direction and what to do next in pursuit of your goals.

You're a creative artist, therapist, counselor, or healing facilitator who wants to get to the root of healing for yourself to better serve others.

You have the traditional credentials of formal education; HOWEVER, your life experiences have been your greatest teachers. You’re ready to advance and integrate what you do with all that you know.

I will help you become the healthiest version of you.



Coaching Sessions

I invite you to read the Healing as Expression section of my site for more information on me as a coach.  

Transformation happens over time and through commitment to investing your time and energy into the process. I offer these sessions inclusive of over 10+ years of advising, counseling, training and personal experience with facilitating growth and change.

My coaching is a practice of spiritual and intuitive development that is applicable in your daily living. You learn to become the oracle of truth that you are and to trust your built in GPS that has been with you since you were born. You know it is there and have questioned it, doubted it and now you’re ready to take the leap and allow it to lead.

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